Distributed, serverless cloud that's actually just a bunch of browser tabs

Yet another serverless function as a service platform except this one runs your functions in WebWorker threads. Or alternatively you could self-host and use, for example, your own computer lab.

How to use it?

Read the wiki!


The project is open-source and designed to be easy to self-host. See the project GitHub.

Relevant technologies

Some recent web technologies really make this concept more desireable notably the following:


... completed tasks

xss.software has completed a lot of tasks

... workers

Each worker is a computer connected to the network

... threads

Threads correspond to worker CPU cores

... load average

A load average of less than 1 means the system is underutilized

Technology In Use

XSSaaS uses modern web technology in order to maximize performance and ease of use while avoiding the bloat of many popular frameworks.